When opening mLocal for the first time, you will be presented with the Preferences page. You can enter your name if you wish, or leave it blank. Communication Options allows you to set the methods that other users can contact you by. You will need to either enter your zipcode or click the ‘Find Me’ button to have mLocal automatically find your location. The ‘Classifieds Search Distance’ field specifies the maximum distance of the listings that are displayed.

There are many different types of listings on mLocal – Annoucements, for sale, for rent, personals and more. Only the categories that have listings that match your preferences will be displayed. Select any category to view subcategories or listings.

From the classifieds page, you will be able to view or search listings for the category you selected. If you find a listing you would like to save for later, just ‘Clip it’ – Click the blue scissor button and the listing will be added to your Clipped page. Each listing will display the number of times it has been clipped and the average rating for that listing as well as the methods available to contact the poster.

When you select a listing in the classifieds view, you can view the entire listing as well as any pictures on the Ad Details page. If you would like to contact the poster of the listing, simply click the contact button at the top and you can chat back and forth just like the iPhone text messaging app. Except messages on mLocal are completely free, you will not be charged anything to send and receive messages. You also have the option to clip or rate the listing.

Clipping items in mLocal allows you to bookmark them for later use. All items you clip will be available to you until you decide to remove them.

Posting Ads to mLocal couldnt be any easier. Select your category and enter a title and description. You can add up to 4 photos from your iPhone, or take pictures with the camera right inside the app. For each ad, you are able to set the methods (phone,email,message) that users can use to contact you.

Once you have entered all the information for your listing, you will be presented with a preview of your ad. Check to make sure everything is correct and click the 'Post Ad' button to post your listing on mLocal

All of the ads you post on mLocal will be viewable from the My Classifieds page. If you would like to remove an ad, click the edit button at the top and select the ad you would like to delete.

All of your communication with other users of mLocal will be listed in the Messages page. Click on any item to view the conversion for that specific ad.

If you've ever sent or received a text message on an iPhone, you already know how to communicate with other users of mLocal. Avoid the hassles of phone calls and emails by just sending a quick message.

The more page in mLocal allows you to view other pages not available from the toolbar. If you would like to choose which items are displayed on the toolbar, click the edit button and you can drag pages straight to the toolbar.

Please let us know what you think of mLocal, we would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions. We are always adding more to mLocal, send us a message about what you think we should add next.